News: Heavy K – I’m Happy With My Weight

Latest News: Heavy K – I’m Happy With My Weight
Notable hitmaker Heavy K has said he’s extra than glad about his weight despite calls by way of a few fans for him to shed pounds. The Inde crooner, however, admitted that criticism gets to him every so often in the latest interview.

“I won’t lie from time to time they (the tweets) do get to me, but that might be most effective 2% of the time. When I see nasty comments approximately me or my weight, which I do, I simply ignore it. The factor is that is how they experience approximately my weight or me. However, it’s now not how I experience about myself. I’m satisfied the way I am. I’m not here for that, mine is to make a super track,” Heavy K stated.

Heavy K additionally says he sees himself as precise having packed numerous sizeable hits interior his discography.

“To be sincere, I take into account myself unique; that is my calling. That is why I am humble; I fast was given over the ‘reputation’ that followed my achievement. I told myself, ‘my cash ought to make a difference in my life. However, it must by no means trade me.’ God gave me expertise and the potential to understand what I should do with it, and I’m blessed that I recognize what makes a successful track.”

Heavy K stated he doesn’t succumb to the stress of “freeing hits,” instead he just gives each song the important attention it calls for.

“When I visit the studio, I provide it my all. I understand I am precise due to the fact, through the years, my logo has end up associated with hits. When I make songs, people already anticipate successful song with a message. It manner loads to me that I don’t have to create ‘bubblegum’ or track this is too commercial.

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