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Dr Tumi – Wafika

Dr Tumi – Wafika DOWNLOAD DR TUMI WAFIKA MP3 Dr Tumi Wafika. Advanced of his upcoming album titled the Gathering of Worshipers 2018 – Beauty for Ashes, Dr Tumi who is a retreated doctor and one of the most successful gospel singers in South Africa has unleashed a new single titled Wafika. The new single is his first released […]

Dr Tumi – Nothing Without You

VIDEO – Lyrics||Dr Tumi – Nothing Without You

Dr Tumi – Nothing Without You Here is a song taken from Gospel Singer Dr. Tumi‘s Love and Grace album and its called Nothing Without You. If it had not been for the Lord,>> Who was always on my side, The enemy would have swallowed us, Would have >>drowned in the waters, But our souls have […]